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Blaze is Bangladesh's first instant, 24x7, 365 days cross-border payment network.

Why Choose Blaze

100% payment coverage via single API.

Single API

Get KYC'ed from an authentic government source.

Support KYC'ed

Deep relationship and market knowledge


27*7 365 days Support and immediate solution


Select & Direct FX from a Selected bank.

Direct FX

Our Services for Digital Payment Platforms

Let your users send funds to any Bank account in Bangladesh. Some of the largest banks are instant deposits while some take a day. Our team can give you more details

Send to a Bank Account

160 million + mobile phones in the country. Send money to any mobile phone in seconds! Truly a unique capability that will make your service stand out.

Send to a Mobile Number

Add funds to your online wallet using your debit card. Not only Visa or Mastercard, but also local debit cards that won't have Visa/MC fees. Konnect is more affordable than other providers.

Send To Any
Bangladeshi (eKYC)

Blaze Enabled Apps

UK, USA, EU & Canada
Malaysia & Singapore
  • I'm a local Bangladeshi bank, I want to connect to Blaze. What should I do?
    Blaze is very easy to integrate. Please email us at or contact us through the website. Our technical team will provide you necessary supports for the integration process.
  • What if my remittance company is not Blaze enabled?
    You may use the apps above or also you can request your remittance company to contact Blaze to use Blaze service.
  • What remittance companies are going to be supported by Blaze?
    We are constantly extending our partnership with the leading remittance platforms. We are currently working with Xoom, a PayPal service. The list is growing as Blaze is integrating with many popular payment services.Please keep an eye on our website and social media for live updates.
  • Is Blaze a remittance app? Can I download it anywhere?
    No, Blaze is not a remittance app. Blaze is a service that connects global remittance companies with 35+ banks in Bangladesh. Once connected, money can be sent to Bangladesh within 5 seconds. Blaze runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring seamless financial service at your fingertips.
  • I'm Probashi/expatriate, how can I use Blaze service now?
    We are extending our partnership with global remittance companies/services. Currently you can use: Taptap send:, Skrill:
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